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      Bio Chemistry I

            1. Amino Acids I

            2. Amino Acids II

            3. Protein Structure I

            4. Protein Structure II

            5. Protein Structure III

            6. Protein Structure IV

            7. Enzymes I

            8. Enzymes II

            9. Enzymes III

            10. Enzymes Mechanisms I

            11. Enzymes Mechanisms II

            12. Myoglobin and Hemoglobin

            13. Lipids and Membranes I

            14. Lipids and Membranes II
15. Membrane Transport

16. Carbohydrates I

17. Carbohydrates II

18. Vitamins and Coenzymes I

19. Vitamins and Coenzymes II

20. Nucleic Acids I

21. Nucleic Acids II

22. Nucleic Acids III

23. Bioenergetics I

24. Bioenergetics II

25. Metabolism I

26. Metabolism II

27. Metabolism II

28. Overview of the Course
       Enzyme Science and Engineering

            1. Introduction

            2. Characteristic Feature of Enzymes

            3. Enzymes and Biocatalysts

            4. Enzymatic Catalysts

            5. Specificity of Enzyme Action

            6. Kinetics of Enzyme Catalyzed
            7. Kinetics of Enzyme Catalyzed
            8. Deviation from Hyperbolic
                Enzyme Kinetics
            9. Role of Effector Molecules
                In Enzyme Kinetics
            10. Reversible Inhibition

            11. Effect of PH and Temperature
                  on Enzyme
            12. Kinetics of Bi Substrate Enzyme

            13. Kinetics of Bi Substrate Enzyme

            14. Immobilized Enzymes I
15. Immobilized Enzymes II

16. Immobilized Enzymes III

17. Immobilization of Enzymes by Entrapment

18. Effect of Immobilization

19. Reactors for Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions

20. Idealized Enzyme Reactor Performance

21. Idealized Enzyme Reactor Performance

22. Kinetic Parameters for IME Systems

23. Steady State Analysis of Mass Transfer

24. Steady State Analysis of Mass Transfer

25. Non Ideal Flow in Continuous
      Immobilized Enzymes
26. Application of Immobilized
      Enzymes in Process
27. Analytical Applications

28. Enzyme Technology Challenges


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